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Artist Jeff Uitto creates incredibly intricate sculptures from driftwood. Finding the right pieces of wood can take months, and the sculpting can take years.

Artist Jeff Uitto creates intricate sculptures from driftwood he finds along the coast of Washington. Uitto has sculpted wild horses, soaring eagles, and even a giraffe out of salvaged tree branches. But his work is more than giant animal sculptur.

Stone balance art by Gravity Glue: Go to the site and watch the video!

This cool rock structure shows asymetrical balance in a very cool real balance design as these rocks hold together with only gravity and friction

Michael Grab, rock artist. All rocks are balanced using only the force of the other rocks.

A gallery of rock balancing sculptures by Michael Grab of GravityGlue and an explanation into his process and thoughts on the art form.

Michael Grab is an artist who has been rock balancing since 2008.

Michael Grab practices the art of balancing stones. He is able to create stacks of rock that I have trouble accepting as real.

The Art of Rock Balancing by Michael Grab

Gravity Glue is an ongoing satellite project designed to record and share Michael Grab‘s experience and journey through the art of Stone Balance. Gravity is the only “glue” that holds these structures in equilibrium.