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The secret to improving your garden is hiding in the kitchen—no compost heap required.

These are things we have fed our worms in our composting bin, = How To Improve your Garden soil without a compost heap - An easy way to recycle kitchen waste directly in your soil.

self watering plants and 5 other tips for reusing plastic containers

Self-watering planter. Cut top third off bottle. Drill small hole in cap. Pass string thru hole. Fill bottom of bottle about halfway with water. Place top upside-down in bottom and put plant in. String will wick up water.

Self Watering Container. I'm going to use this system but in my upside down planters. ( 2 liter in a 5 gallon paint bucket)

Gardening Tip- Easy way to reach the roots of a Container plant, poke holes in a water bottle or soda bottle, bury between a couple seedlings and water as needed. by krista

Self watering hanging basket

Self watering hanging basket. The link shows putting a small pot in center and filling with water but I like the water bottle idea shown in illustration.remember to line bottom with plastic bag (between the soil and fiber or moss) - Gardening For Life

How to Deep Water Tomato Plants

Camp Wander: How to Deep Water Tomato Plants using tubing. Water goes deep to the roots instead of sitting on top of the soil. Looks like a good idea!