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colored version #kai #jongin #exo

colored version #kai #jongin #exo

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I know this doesnt have onything to with bts, but.RIP Jonghyun, May you get the blessings you deserve in heaven ❤️

I never posted anything on Pinterest about this but want all shawols and everyone who knew and supported Jonhyun (fans, family, friends, etc.) to know what all these fandoms and myself am here for them.I was never a shawols but I always acknowledged SHINee as one of the legendary groups of kpop and every member to be a true king.We have lost an angel and a true king, but he will never be forgotten

forgive me if I missed a few. I’m a Carat/ARMY/EXO-L/I but I cried over Jonghyun's death. He was an angel on earth and will be deeply missed. Kudos to whoever made this, it's beautiful

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