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Recycled Sewing machine stand - Now with wooden crate on top it is a beautiful planter. More

Wow this may be a great way to use my grandmother's sewing machine. I'll have to think about this one. Love it!

DIY cinder block TV cabinet. Put wheels under basket as drawers for DVD's etc. No nails or hammers necessary. All this for under $60! Design by Maiko Nagao.

Decoração com paletes para seu jardim 013

DIY: IJzerdraad cactus op een blokje hout. #iron #wire #ijzerdraad #cactus

DIY: IJzerdraad cactus op een blokje hout. #iron #wire #ijzerdraad #cactus

If you like simplistic, this is more than doe able! ...and when Peanut wakes, it will move mountains! ...we can still do kites and balloons and an occasional charachter. Just not in your face with it!

Luminaria hecha con película fotográfica

How simple is this This is seriously a great idea for camping

Una docena de ideas para construir muebles de terraza o jardín con materiales reciclados