Nice small living room layout and decor. Very cute and do-able. The pillows would be great for our sectional.

Brown linens with blue accents. Just looking at the living room color scheme - Dark brown couch, taupe walls and light blue accents.

Gerek yok her sözü laf ile beyana. Bir bakış bin söz eder, bakıştan anlayana.  - Mevlana

Gerek yok her sözü laf ile beyana.

Hz. Mevlana

İstiğfar ve dua vakti gelmiş demektir.


To know is other than, To find is another, To be is much other than.


Bütün mesele bu,,,, " Yürek ve Vefa " H.

Hz. Mevlana

The Sufi Whirling Dervishes in a ceremony in Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi, İstanbul.