Another way to teach de/composing numbers

This is a visual aid teaching number bonds up to Using a coat hanger & clothespins as a visual aid & practical support. Easy for students to visualize.

Anchor Chart- I think this would be great as flaps and under the flaps have a collage or drawings of things that are whole, half, etc.

My First Grade Backpack: Fabulous Fractions! - I could modify this for whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes. I think dotted lines could be added to show the fraction below.

Counting game

Counting Game-I like the dots on the chart and just the numbers on the clothes pins. Can also do with numbers on chart and number words on clips for DI.

Classroom Freebies: Composing and Decomposing Numbers

Composing and Decomposing Numbers

Math Coachs Corner: CRA for Composing and Decomposing Numbers. Concrete practice for composing and decomposing numbers from 5 to Differentiate by choosing different target numbers to meet student needs.

Free Printable Clock Coloring Pages Seen "س", sa'ah, clock, ساعة

Clocks of different shapes and sizes have always fascinated children as they have struggled to understand the implication of time in life.

Number bonds

Clothespin Math on a clothes hanger! Easy to make, and self explanatory. I'm thinking a wire clothes hanger would work better, so the clothes pins are easy to slide back and forth (almost like an abacus).