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bts memes Read Chapter 7 from the story "No Homo Tho" [COMPLETED] by Sopeoperaa (Binsung's manager) with reads. Bts Memes Hilarious, Stupid Memes, Haha Funny, Insulting Memes, Funny Stuff, Bts Meme Faces, Funny Faces, Bts Pictures, Reaction Pictures

"No Homo Tho" [COMPLETED] - Chapter 7

"I would fuck you, you know" "Chan, that's gay" "No! Like, fuck you in a bro way" "..." "No homo mate" ----------- #1 on #LeeKnow - 07/08/18 #3 on #Skz Welcome to my Stray Kids fanfic which is purely and entirely based on humor (or lack thereof), a whole loads of memes and a loosely written plot. This is just for fun, so enjoy! Note: I kinda try to cover most of the Skz ships but this story mainly focuses on Changlix and Banginho! (I swear there's no better ship name than 🅱️anginho ?)

Me when BTS changed their hair recently Namjoon, Taehyung, Bts Memes Hilarious, Stupid Memes, K Pop, Jimin, Response Memes, Bts Meme Faces, Bts Face

INSANE: (A Yoongi Fanfic) - I'M SORRY

"Fear me... and I will spare your life." He said through gritted teeth, letting out a devilish smirk. From then on, I knew I fucked up... #975 in fanfiction (April 13, 2018) #931 in fanfiction (May 12, 2018) #854 in fanfiction (June 2, 2018) #715 in fanfiction (June 12, 2018) #590 in fanfiction (June 13, 2018) #544 in fanfiction (June 15, 2018) #535 in fanfiction (June 17, 2018) #516 in fanfiction (June 21, 2018) #401 in fanfiction (June 28, 2018) #331 in fanfiction (June 30, 2018) 2nd place…

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ANNEMİN YENİ EVLİLİĞİ VE YAKIŞIKLI ÜVEY ABİM. "Yakışıklılığı kadarda playboy birisi"

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Komikler Burada

En komik ve Eğlenceli Fıkralar, Komik Videolar ve Resimler, En Güzel ve Güncel Hazır Mesajlar, Komik Diyaloglar ve Eğlenceli Yazılar.

K-pop Galeri Bebeq {Ara Verildi} - Funny Ads, Funny Laugh, Comedy Pictures, Comedy Zone, Bts Funny Videos, Funny Times, Exo Memes, Bts And Exo, Funny Moments

K-pop Galeri Bebeq :3 {Ara Verildi} - ~1~

Caps ile güldürür,idoller ile feels geçirtirim,herkesi manyak ederim skdkdk (kendisi manyak o yüzden) İstek varsa söyleyin 😉❤

Thank god! I can finally die know this Jungkook Jeon, Maknae Of Bts, Bts Bangtan Boy, Taehyung, Bts Memes, K Pop, Jin, Bts Gifs, Vkook

Gift ideas for cyclists [for all the bike lovers]

JK walking handstand #handstand #handstand #walk Can see His RIBS 🙄😘😘

Read Bangtan boys from the story Bts by JeonKukuu ("JK") with 271 reads. Funny Ads, Funny Relatable Memes, Bts Memes Hilarious, Fowl Language Comics, Stupid Cat, Workout Aesthetic, Fitness Aesthetic, Face Swaps, Funny Photos

Bts capsleri2 - Bangtan boys

Read Bangtan boys from the story Bts capsleri2 by JeonKukuu ("JK") with 271 reads. bts, bangtancaps, bangtanboys.