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someone is sewing on the back of a pillow with white thread and green pillows behind them
🔴Yeni model Ranır Antika ajur püskül işi teknikleri💯püskül sacak işi nasıl yapılır❓5️⃣.Bölüm punto
a close up view of some white fabric with scissors and thread on the table top
КРАСИВАЯ вышивка| Мережка| Hand embroidery|
the cover of an old book with many different stitches and threadwork designs on it
a close up of a cloth with designs on it
the cross stitch pattern has been made with different colors and designs, including arrows on each side
two pieces of cloth with embroidered designs on them, one is gray and the other is white
an embroidered blanket on top of a bed with white sheets and pillow cases in the background
two pieces of white linen with embroidered designs on the edges and bottom, sitting next to each other
a close up of a cross stitch on a piece of cloth