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Turn an angle grinder into a bench grinder, along with a jig for sharpening drill bits.
1-10mm Metal Stable Keyed Drill Chuck Convertor 100 Angle Grinder Drill Chuck M10 Thread Sale - Banggood Mobile
Spring-Loaded Punches - Woodworking
Skil 2016
The EZSmart Universal Edge Guide turns nearly any circular saw into a precise, versatile cutting tool for both dimensional lumber and large panels. Thanks to the extra long fence, it makes perfectly straight, repeatable cuts and provides a stable reference until the saw has completely exited the cut. Rather than lugging a heavy 4' x 8' panel to your table saw, the Universal Edge Guide lets you bring a lightweight saw to the panel, enhancing both ease and safety.
Adjustable vise stand...
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The Klutch® Grinder Holder securely holds your 4 1/2in. or 5in. angle grinder for better control of the cutting wheel, essentially turning your grinder into a mini chop saw for precise cutting of pipe, rebar or tubing.
Scroll Saw from Sewing Machine
Self-locking Beam Trolleys