I'm not a fan of the bag itself, but I like the combination of fabric and crocheted yo-yos.

Hessian recycle grocery bag decorated with yo-yo flowers - fab idea! Also love the background quilt!

granny square bag [   "Omigoo |  <br/>    Crochet

sac crochet grannies - crocheté à plat et assemblé ensuite. Crocheted in one piece as a flat cross and assembled once finished. - Häkeltashce aus granny - Flach als Kreuz gehäkelt und danach zusammengennäht.

Kanaviçe Ülkü Ulutuz Bozkurt

Kanaviçe Ülkü Ulutuz Bozkurt

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Start a ripple afghan with a granny square border. Or finish a granny square afghan with a ripple border and maybe some tassles or bobbles for fun!

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PENNY RUG This is fantastic. Love the idea of getting wool materials from different sources. Sweaters on the cheap from yard sales/ goodwill and deconstruction and felting in washer. Wool fabric and felting or just buying felt.