İki parçayı birleştirme tekniği

Ukraine, from Iryna ~ fancy twisted interlocking stitchwork to join two pieces of fabric. Picture is big enough that I can see where the needle goes and how the thread wraps around in this embroidery technique. Try this to put together knitted or crochete


Jacobian flower detail from Guilds Banner - Embroiderers' Guild ACT. This would be gorgeous on a pillow or hung on the wall in a spectacular frame.

Drawn Thread Sampler by Linda Driskell, pattern on Etsy

Rare Linda Driskell Drawn Thread MINIATURE SAMPLER - Hardanger Embroidery Pattern Booklet-I have this about half done, looking forward to finishing


I don't know what that means, but it probably means AMAZING needle and beadwork. It reminds me of some of the pickup or leno lacework one can do in handweaving.

kendi emeğim teşekkürler Semahat Çay Tamtürk hocam

kendi emeğim teşekkürler Semahat Çay Tamtürk hocam

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