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How to Make a Felt Ice Cream Purse. Here's a felt ice cream purse that looks as tasty as the real thing! This cute little purse requires only basic sewing skills and some quality felt. Cut the felt pieces. Size the purse to hold your.

Quiet Book Learning & Activity Page- "Braid" - Single Page to Expand Your Personalized Quiet Book

Custom Hand-Crafted Childrens Quiet Book Page. Great way to keep your little ones occupied and learning during church, doctors appointments,

Quiet Book Patterns & Ideas Use quiet books to teach skills such as getting dressed, sorting, categorizing, etc.

Interactive cloth books to sew for babies. You can even incorporate buttons, snaps, and other simple activities to occupy hands and encourage coordination.

DIY Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet DIY Projects  Fall colored beads, stored in different mason jars Safety pins and cheap wire.   Could easily be made as a cuff if ends of wire are coiled!

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelets- this would be a good Stuart & project! We can drink wine & make jewelry, LOL! All you need is some elastic, safety pins, and beads (try not to go too big on beads, smaller ones tend to work better for this).