You are one of the persons i looked up too when i first made the decision to put on the hijab! Such a beautiful hijabi masha allah

Hijabi Muslimah With Anime Style Eyes

Reading by on @deviantART

When you are thinking about someone who is not halal for you, the best way to get rid of it, is by reading Al-Quran. That way will make you remember Allah more than you remember that person.

innocence and beauty:)

-The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly Girls, you are so beautiful in Hijab. You wear it, because you confident with your beau.

smiley hijabi

smiley hijabi :D

take pictures and make the moment last  ..i drew this one for a friend of mine :)

i drew this one for a friend of mine :)

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Tips Berurusan Dengan Lelaki Dalam Islam.


muslim cartoon girl listening to music - think this is me ;

(419) Mina Muslim

I want to be able to feel that when I recite Quran.

My Elise need love~~~~~~ //shot well this is my OC Elise *dead brain,its already Art © kittycatstudio character © kittycatstudio Character.

The beauty of modesty

ao inves do rosto.

Hijabi Muslim Girl With Cup of Coffee

I love coffee by MiSsBeatoChan on DeviantArt

Assalaamu Alaikum by on @deviantART

like buat yang muslim ;

Hijab girl

She got a head full of knowledge, and her heart is full of flair, eyes full of love and hands full of care. -Muslim Belal Beautiful pink hijab and a book of Quran