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a wall mounted spice rack with three cans hanging from it's sides and a hook on the side
Old Tack, New Purpose
two bookshelves are hanging on the wall
DIY Book Sling - 100% Creative and Unique Way of Storing Books! - Your Projects@OBN
a piece of art that is hanging on the wall next to a plant and scissors
Discover the Beautiful Leather Furniture and Accessories by Swedish Design Studio Smålands Skinnmanufaktur - Nordic Design
a knife and fork in a leather holder on a white wall with no one around it
Cutlery holder 2-set brown - Smålands skinnmanufaktur
a brown leather bag sitting on top of a white carpet next to a black metal frame
BOFRED-Book bag
a stack of books sitting on top of a metal stand next to a plant in front of a door
a bag with some money in it sitting on a wooden floor next to a wall
neverlaandss - Found on
a wooden wine rack with six bottles in it
23 Sleek New Essentials For Your Next Renovation
a leather wine holder with six bottles of wine in it, hanging on the wall
Leather wine Holder
a wooden dresser topped with bottles of wine and two trays filled with glasses on top of it
Spencer Brown Leather Brass Wine Rack
leather magazine racks with text overlay that reads, gorgeous leather magazine rack hacks
Currently Coveting: Leather Magazine Racks