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Ideas to help make vocabulary lessons fun and meaningful!

Twelve tips for increasing vocabulary and a free sample: Give extension activities for students to apply the words they gleaned from using vocabulary strategies.

Quick and Easy Vocabulary Activity - Use It With Any Text! #Storyworks

Vocabulary Die: use as a game in the classroom to go over vocabulary words. The sides say: act it out, define it, synonym or antonym, draw it, use it in a sentence, and your choice. Great way for kids to get creative! #learning #spanish #kids

Learning New Vocabulary Words Pack - comic strip style - 100+ vocabulary word cards included - This Reading Mama

This FREE 2 page sorting activity challenges young students to determine which objects they might see in the day or night sky. The simple printables can be used in a variety of ways and challenge a variety of skills, such as fine motor skills (cutting and pasting) and the ability to classify objects.

Emociones dibujar una cara y después los ojos y la boca

Deutsche Uhrzeit--gute grafische Darstellung.