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Zeynep Kalabak
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While humans travel side by side, canines travel in a line with the leader being in front

I can't believe there are idiots that hunt these beautiful creatures. Let nature balance itself. Humans always screw it up. But I know that the wolf will win!

"How lonely is the night without the howl of a wolf." #SPIRITHOODS #INNERANIMAL:

☀Wolf: Respect the elders….Teach the young…Cooperate with the pack Play when you can…Hunt when you must…Rest in between Share your affections…Voice your feelings…Leave your mark. This is definitely my spirit animal.

Funny TMR/TST/TDC Quotes - The Scorch Trials- Newt and Minho

Whenever someone asks me what the Maze Runner is; Then, I spend a long time explaining every detail in the series(if they want me to tell them everything). I just go into complete Maze Runner mode.