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In case I ever need a ring to crochet around. Here's me scouring the DIY store for rings to crochet around, and all I needed was to keep the tops from milk and juice bottles! Carol's fresh collection of 12 afghans and one pillow ranges from sophisticated textures to wild romps in color. In these pages, you'll find plenty of warm and decorative lap throws and a selection of cuddly baby blankets.

They're the perfect Granny Square projects for today's busy crocheter!

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Use the pdf pattern in the link that says Littlegreen. How to DIY 6 Petal Crochet Flower Baby Blanket 3 Sponsored By: Grandma's Crochet Shop

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Kız Bebeklere Örgü Elbise Modelleri

Knit dress - simple, sweet, lovely ~~ Garter bodice, stockinett skirt, finished with crochet puff stitch edging and 3 crochet flowers

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