Zeynepnur Özlü

Zeynepnur Özlü

Zeynepnur Özlü
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If someone told you something that made you feel very   evil and thereby hurt you, you could say that the words   that person are like knives that cut or hurt your soul.   As you will see it is a symbol

Sad, yet very true. To all those who are in depression, have social problems such as anxiety or bipolar disorder, or are simply sad because of heartbreak, stay strong ✌️

omg i was looking at this picture when the little daughter (5 years old) of my parents' friends sitting next to me asked "where is the other guy? he should be sitting next to her, shouldn't he? why isn't he there?" i didn't know what to answer x.x

In Spanish no pienses que por estar sola eres invisible solo que todavia tu compañia no se vuelve invisible In English Do not think that to be alone you are invisible only that your company does not become invisible

Depression sketch

A poor girl sitting on her own but little does she know that if she just turned around she would see all the people who truly love her for her.