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(Closed) I had been attacked. I looked like a wreck now, covered in blood, scrapes, and bruises. My clothes were torn and my hair was completely messed up. There were tear stains tracking down my cheeks. I didn't know where to to, or what to do, so I walk to where ever my feet take me and find myself in front of Oliver's door. I knock, trying to keep myself up, but end up collapsing to the ground as the door opens. -Lyra

too often yeh my parents beat me and not just with a slap--bats-hangers-kicked in the head you name it i was their sadistic experiment

fighting ref.

Cecellia- "Your eye!" Lil gasps and reaches for me. But I brush her off with a groan. "Whered we put that stupid mirror" I ask rumaging through a drawer. "What in heavens name happened!" She presses ignoring my demand" "Lil the mirror":