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Excuse me while I go cry

“Harry: "Just promise me something." Dobby: "Anything, sir." Harry: "Never try to save my life again.

The ones that love us never really leave us. - Sirius Black

'The ones that love us never really leave us. We can always find them right here' (your heart) I sobbed like a little child when Sirius died, he was my favorite.

Lupin, Harry and Sirius

Lupin, Potter Black I was always frustrated when reading the book that Harry fixated on Sirius as a father figure so much when Remus was right there. Remus was kind and wise, whereas Sirius wanted Harry to be James.

Reblog if you see your fandom on here. <---- 10 of mine<---13 of mine←7-8 of mine

The fact that I'm in so many fandoms is crazy. Hunger Games--Divergent--The Avengers--The Mortal Instruments--Doctor Who--Teen Wolf--Vampire Academy--Percy Jackson--Harry Potter-- Avatar the Last Airbender

Thank you, fandoms. Narnia (ehh...), LOTR (yay!), Harry Potter (yay!), Avengers, Hunger Games, Merlin (not watched it yet), Doctor Who (in progress), Sherlock (yay!), The Hobbit (yay!) and Supernatural (not watched it)

Thank you, fandoms. Narnia LOTR Harry Potter Avengers Hunger Games Merlin Doctor Who (haven't seen it yet) Sherlock The Hobbit (need to watch it) and Supernatural *and I'm part of the rest of these fandoms already lol!

Harry Potter. I don't know why I'm reading old Harry Potter quotes and watching Doctor Who as well. Can you grab the tissues please?

So true! I love whomever made this! I have a friend who makes fun of me all the time for claiming Hufflepuff cause she's a Slytherin. Well now I know she's an idiot ;

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Neville and Luna

Listen up. Neville isn't just the boy who almost was. He is the boy who led a rebellion. He rose above and nobody ever thought he'd be on the forefront of battle. Neville fucking Longbottom is why Harry had an army to go back to