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Touchscreen T-Shirts Only a Few Years Away Most people have to keep their smart phones within reach. But what if instead of having your technology an arm’s length away, it was actually on your arm? Imagine clothing with touchscreen capabilities built right into the fabric — a truly "wearable" technology. Under Armour is working on it as we speak, but the technology isn't quite there... yet.

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I don't entirely trust the stability of this, but I don't entorely want to rule out attempting this either... H.E.X.L.A.B: NEW ERA OF PERSONAL HUMAN TRANSPORTER #skate #tech #gadget

Called "Feno", this sleek and portable notebook computer comes equipped with a flexible OLED display, full-sized keypad and pop-out mouse, all packed into a foldable design. Simply unfold everything, and you've got yourself a desktop computer, complete with mouse.

The cicret bracelet, the best smartphone that isn't a phone!

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