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Red Sea Anemonefish

Red Sea The louder the fish and anemone, the more I'm attracted to them. Fish have been in my drawing (& coloring) repertoire since I was about Which might explain why I like the bright colors found in tropical seas, very beautiful colours.

50lb 8oz musky caught in 2009 from Great Lakes (Michigan) #record #musky #fishing | re-pinned by http://www.wfpblogs.com/category/fishingstory/

Landed this monstrous muskie in lake michigan last summer on a crappie jig and a zebco 202 rod and reel.

trolling for crappie

Trolling is a great way to catch a load of crappie and usually this technique produces the largest crappie from the school.

Brent Crawford, who lives on Lake Corpus Christi, probably caught a record alligator gar using bow-and-arrow tackle, but he'll never know. The scale he used to weigh the fish topped out at 300 pounds and wasn't certified. The Texas bowfishing record for alligator gar is 290 pounds. The overall Texas record for alligator gar is 302 pounds, set in 1953 -- and that fish was eight inches shorter than Crawford's.

Texas fisherman prevails in epic battle with enormous alligator gar. The gar Crawford landed while bow-fishing recently in Texas' Lake Corpus Christi is among the largest specimens ever captured.