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this is an unusual home made from a unique material found in the woods and trees
Discover the magic of a cob-built home
Have you ever heard of cob? It’s a blend of clay, sand and straw that’s mixed with water, then sculpted by hand. See on Zillow’s blog how one couple built a truly unique home with this unique material.
a living room filled with furniture and large windows overlooking the ocean in front of it
This home has incredible views everywhere you look
In the 1940s, this Huntington Beach water tower served the local trains. Today, it’s an impressive home that offers ocean views from all sides – especially from the hot tub.
a tree house in the middle of some trees with a white net hanging from it's roof
This tiny Hawaiian dream was built for less than a new car
With just $11,000 and plenty of imagination and elbow grease, Kristie Wolfe built this tiny home near Hilo and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
a cabin in the woods with text that reads, these whimsical cabins are a lesson in upcycling
See how one man turns old materials into magical, living cabins
These tiny cabins in the woods, all under 200 square feet, combine the natural environment with upcycled materials. Zillow shows how they’re made and how you can find new inspiration.
a small cabin in the woods with an awning over it's porch and patio
From discarded wood to a tiny dream cabin
When one couple was about to discard some old window frames and spare lumber, they realized they could build an 80-square-foot A-frame cabin from them – and an online blueprint.
a tree house with lights on it and the words, this luxury treehouse means living the high life
This isn’t the treehouse you grew up with
Not many treehouses are 700-square-feet, air conditioned and have two bathrooms. Zillow explores how it was made, and how you could build your own.
a tall wooden tower sitting in the middle of a field next to a tree line
Living in 388 square feet – with a 360-degree view
There are lookout structures in forests all across the country, but this one has something different: full-time occupants. See on Zillow’s blog how one couple moved to their dream home in the clouds.
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window
Say aloha to this tiny-but-tall house in Hawaii
Built on a whim for less than the price of a new car, this Hawaiian getaway sits 15 feet above the ground which means spectacular lava views.
an inflatable bed sitting on top of a wooden floor
Create your own bubble
There’s no place like a dome: imagine relaxing in the wilderness while staying comfortable inside. It has windows onto natural forest views, plus screened-in panels allow airflow but not mosquitoes. Find out more on Zillow’s blog.
there is a guitar sitting on the couch in this tiny room with wood paneling
How one man transforms old buses into enviable living spaces
You don’t need to be a music superstar to spend life on the bus. Zillow discovers how builder Charlie Kern turned an old bus into a fully-functional home for just $27,000.
an advertisement for a house that is designed to look like a boat
Explore a home that was hand-carved instead of hand-built
A unique space that’s as much art as it is home, the remarkable Bloomhouse outside of Austin is inspiring, illuminating - and full of twists and turns.
an advertisement for the tiny house is ready for take - off, with stairs leading up to it
You’ll be over the moon about this space-inspired tiny home
This space capsule home is not to be missed: Check out on Zillow’s blog how an architect built a spacecraft home right here on Earth. It’s definitely out of this world!
a large dome tent in the middle of some trees
Go glamping and enjoy the outdoors, indoors
Part glamping adventure, part fishbowl, this geodesic bubble tent is a unique way to enjoy nature without really being outside. Zillow’s blog explores how you can take inspiration from this upstate New York wonder.
a tree house with lights on it and the words, this luxury treehouse means living the high life
It’s not a treehouse. It’s a tree castle.
Zillow explores this 700-square-foot treehouse that’s also a true getaway. It features a main suite with a deck overlooking Montana forest, a living area with extra sleeping space as sleeping quarters, and two bathrooms. Now that’s glamping!
this is an unusual home made from a unique material found in the woods and trees
This home wasn’t built by elves – but it looks magical
It’s natural, organic, and utterly unique: this home is built from cob, which is reminiscent of adobe. It’s sculpted while it’s still wet, resulting in the unique shape of this home that you’ll find enchanting.