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Oh My Gosh, I've been fighting for pretty bows for my whole life, and they did it with a fork? That's some little mermaid stuff right there, lol.DIY Satin Ribbon Bow with a Fork

Clay succulents

NOTE: DIY Clay Stones💜 We are in love with this DIY stone planter. But look closer - those aren't actual stones, they are made from clay! Who would have thought to do that?

Sorgt für ein Lächeln am Morgen!  1. Cocktailtomaten schräg halbieren (jedoch nicht ganz in der Mitte, eine Hälfte soll größer sein)  2. Die großen Teile aneinander setzen wie im Bild  3. Pfeil ( Zahnstocher mit Deko) durch das Herz stecken  FERTIG <3

Fun with food - heart shaped cherry tomato with tooth pick cupids arrows

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Meat and pepper roses: Deli sliced lunch meat (ham, salami, etc.) cut in halves or quarters, rolled up and tucked in decoratively-cut pepper stem ends. Probably best to use a mild pepper, like sweet banana peppers.

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Grandma Told Me This Trick. It Healed My Cracked Heels In Just 1 Night – Recipes!

Healthy Eating Tips and Recipes for Kids

Healthy Eating Tips and Recipes for Kids

Cupid Kebabs: Let your kids make these simple tomato and cheese skewers and they just might fall in love with healthy snacking. Start by diagonally trimming away the ends of two grape tomatoes

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