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Pixar Animasyonlarında Sürekli Karşımıza Çıkan Bu Esrarengiz Kodun Sırrı Çözüldü

Disney Has Been Hiding A Secret Right In Front Of Our Faces. If You’ve Never Noticed It, Here’s Proof - Cool Amazing Stuff The plate on Andy's mom's car in Toy Story.


Popeye the Sailor must be one of your favorite cartoon characters in your childhood and in this post we showcase awesome rendering of Popeye ever created.

Master Splinter

Splinter, Casey Jones, Rocksteady and Bebop, four awesome Fan-Art on the world of TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - created by illustrator Dave Rapoza.


Geek justinrampage: The dreaded Masters of the Universe super villain Skeletor looks better than ever in Dave Rapoza’s new finished fan art illustration.


Venom is ready to tear someone limb from limb in artist Dave Rapoza’s new Marvel fan art illustration. This is one bad ass looking dude!