I am Muslim (this means Allah or God in Arabic calligraphy)

No names are better than this.Only by saying it, it just feel strong in our heart. Ya Allah Ya Rab spilling out everyhting to You is the best thing in the world. Because I know only You are The All Knowing.Let me be in your path.

Ey Rabbimiz! Bize ihsan ettiğin hidayetten sonra kalblerimizi haktan saptırma, bize kendi katından rahmet ihsan eyle! Şüphesiz ki, Sen bol ihsan sahibisin.” (Âli İmran:8) Ne güzel bir Cuma!Cumalarla mübarek olalım.(Nur'un )

I just want to ask you one question, I'm just curious. Please answer honestly. What comes in your mind when you hear the word "Islam"?


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Allah, Islamic