Sombrero y vestido de verano para niñas - trabajo Marina Stoyakin - Crochet en

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Шапочка узором "цветочки".

шапки, береты, панамки

For the top, I think I would try making rounds of smaller shells, going down to 6 dc, then then etc

Funny stranded knitted sweaters for boys and girls : love them !

look at the lovely moomin jumper tove would have loved all these nordic pattern knits in winter AmarinalevinHandknits started knitting when her daughter was one. Her current knitting is a mix of picture sweaters and traditional style pattern sweaters. / Фото #1 - Таблицы с размерами, снятие мерок - vtati / Фото #1 - Таблицы с размерами, снятие мерок - vtati

МК-описание комплекта спицами Rye (Рожь)

МК-описание комплекта спицами Rye (Рожь)

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